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Winter Services

The provision of snow clearance and gritting services to Councils, Universities, Businesses, Churches, Organisations and Private Clients.
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winter services

Staff, Services & Equipment

We provide 24 hour snow clearance and gritting services to locations throughout Northern Ireland. 


Staffing arrangements ensure our clients are provided with a responsive snow clearance & gritting service 24/7.

Staff arrangements includes:

  • Staff are arranged to work shifts to ensure 24 hour coverage.

  • Reserve staff are used to cover times of peak demand.

  • Staff are trained to ensure they're prepared to meet the demands of night-time working.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is issued to staff to ensure their safety during the cold winter months.


We provide weather responsive snow clearance and salt gritting services to a wide range of clients across NI.

Our Services include:

  • 24 hour snow clearance and salt gritting services.

  • Snow clearance and gritting undertaken before business opening hours to ensure the safety of your staff and customers. 

  • We cover large carparks, yards and similar areas.

  • We also undertake clearance and gritting of footpaths, drives, church steps and similar areas. 


We have a range of specialist snow clearance and salt spreading equipment to serve a wide variety of needs.  

Our Equipment includes:

  • Specialist snow plough accessories are used for pathways, driveways and similar sized areas. 

  • Specialist salt spreading equipment is used for large areas such as carparks and yards.

  • We have Salt Storage depots located throughout NI to ensure adequate supplies during times of peak demand.